Mansa InfoTech is a leading web development firm based in Mohali, India. We hold sound excellence building well-made websites, web applications and mobile applications on multiple platforms.

Every client is unique, and so does every project. In this regard, we follow our general process, wherein,

  1. The ‘Product owner’ with a vision to build something conveys it to our scrum team. He prepares a ‘Product backlog’ that simply lists all things needed to be done within the project.
  2. Sprint planning meeting, which involves the collaborative efforts of our Scrum Master, Product owner and an entire agile team.
  3. A ‘Sprint Backlog’ is prepared which is the list of all tasks identified by our team to be completed during the sprint.
  4. As soon as the sprint begins, a fixed start and end date is specified (for instance, here we’ve specified 1-4 weeks).
  5. During this period, ‘Daily stand-up meeting’ takes place. This meeting generally focuses on – tasks accomplished yesterday, tasks that need to be accomplished today and tasks to do next.
  6. Then, comes our final steps of ‘Sprint review’ where we as a team show works we’ve accomplished to the Product Owner (other key stakeholders), ‘Sprint release’ and ‘Sprint retrospection’ (where we discuss our just-completed sprint and look for improvements that we can do next).

We always prefer our clients to start with us from beginning of the process. So, If you are one of like-minded persons who wants to seek solutions to their IT problems, we are highly interested to assist you.

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