Wix.com| How good is Wix website builder?

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Posted on 08/12/17 1:23 PM

By far, the most popular visual builder for creating your stunning websites. It’s cheap and easy.

Brief overview: Originally, developed and popularized by Israeli company, Wix.com is a cloud based web development platform. It uses online drag and drop tools for building Html5 web sites.

Wix is worth a test tool, as, even a non-professional designer can create websites using it. It’s tools cover all niche markets that you can’t even imagine – photography, small businesses, hospitality and musicians, etcetera.

Amongst all its competitors, Wix is truly an innovative website builder used now-a-days.

Distinctive aspects: You can certainly make ‘Wix’ a home for your websites to dwell, in most easiest and convenient ways.

~ Brilliant collection of templates to choose from

~ Easy-to-use drag and drop interface

~ Easy to build by anyone (even non-technical person)

~ Now, drive in more traffic to your website built using Wix

~ Begin a chat with your visitor and let them reach out to you

~ Plenty of customization options

~ Sell and promote your businesses through social media

~ Add beautiful and animated weather forcasts to your site

And, what else cropping up? Easy blogging, Calculator builder, Wix music and video, 360 degree images, Dropbox folder, Wix events, Wix reservation, contact collection and much more…

So, How good is Wix Website Builder?

Pros and Cons

Pros are the characterstic features we’ve already discussed above. Some points to state here:

~ Over 510 design templates

~ Most innovative drag and drop builder

~Have support/help buttons everywhere, etc.

Cons are the limitations and all those areas where Wix visual builder lacks in. Some points to state here:

~ Difficult to change or modify templates

~ Includes advertisement logos at sides & bottom

~ Unable to manage complex eCommerce needs, etc.

Is Wix Ideal for You?

Wix is the most prominent website development platform. It’s new, easy, free and feature-rich. But, whether, it’s an ideal plaform for you, wholly depends on ‘you’ only.

~ You don’t know how to code!

~ You don’t have a lot of time!

~ You don’t have a big budget!

~ You website is not complex!

In all, above cases, Wix can help you develop most professional-looking website.

All New ‘Wix’ future Scope

~ The all new Wix supports ADI – Artificial design intelligence which makes it easy to design websites automatically.

~ Wix supports huge number of template design options that you can choose.

~ It offers support through email, phone, support centers and forum discussions.

~ And, Wix is mobile special as it can help you edit your mobile site seperated from the desktop site.

To know more about ‘Wix – features and functionalities’ , check out its main website here https://www.wix.com/.

I love wix and hope that, once you’ll get a hang of it, you’re going to love it too’. That’s all guys. See you again with my another blog. Cheerio 🙂

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