by Kamya Oberoi

Posted on 11/15/16 6:53 AM

An easy to learn, easy to read, and easy to maintain scripting language…

Whether you are a programmer or non-programmer, Python can be far easy to pick up. It is interpreted, interactive, and intuitive.

The reason why people using python as their main programming paradigm would not consider going for anything else.”

Created by Guido van Rossum, Python (programming language) features multi-paradigm support, easy-to-use syntax, free and open-source availability, seamless portability, oops, large pool of standard libraries, and so on. The last and updated version of Python is v3.5 released in September 13, 2015.

So, basically, Python is high-level, general purpose, and dynamic programming language emphasizing code readability. Unlike C++ and Java, Python allows its users to express the programming concepts in fewer lines of code. It’s core philosophy can be summarized as – ‘beautiful is better than ugly, simple is better than complex, complex is better than complicated’.

It’s facile to set up Python environment on any platforms including Mac OS X, Linux or Windows. You can download and install the most updated/current source code, binaries, documentation, etc, from official website of Python .

Below links will help you install Python over the platforms of Mac, Linux, and Windows:

Let’s leap forward by learning the Basic Syntax of Python programming language.

A simple “Hello, World!” program
print(“Hello, World!”); #As simple as that

Program to add two numbers
num1 = 3
num2 = 5
sum = num1+num2 #Add two numbers
print (sum)

‘#’ represents comment in Python, num1/num2 are variables with stored value equal to 3 and 5, sum is another variable where the result of num1+num2 is stored, ‘+’ represents an operator, print(sum) outputs the result of addition i.e. 3+5 = 8.

Python allows us to develop fast & proficient applications with minimal resources and maximal flexibility. All in all, Python paves ways for rapid development as well as continual improvement.”

Python programming is used in many application domains. Here are the few: web and internet development, scientific and numeric computing, teaching and education, desktop GUI’s, and often used by software developers to build, control, manage, as well as test their software.

So, if you are a one of those people who are curious to develop(or upgrade) their Python Skills, Internet offers dozens of tutorials to get started with Python programming from scratch. Or, you can get a book for yourself, if you are truly serious about learning it. Reading books requires lots of time and patience.

Final Word, Python is an awesome choice if you’re getting started in the journey of programming. Simple syntax, short codes, and lots of options make Python stand apart from other complex paradigms. So, get ready to teach yourself to code in Python:) .

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