by Kamya Oberoi

Posted on 12/3/16 5:27 AM

So, what it is like working in one of the most prestigious software company? 

Some say working life at software industry is way more professional, others call it informal! Well, working here at Mansa infotech is a blend of the both. You’ll enjoy a formal treatment at the busy hour and casual dealing at the time of any occasion or recreation activities.

M.I.T Yesteryears! Operational since 2008, Mansa Infotech has been a leading web development company with its offices established in New York, Florida & India. A wide of services and solutions are proferred by its sophisticated internet entrepreneurs. Some of them being – Web development, Web Design, UI/UX, Game Development, Search engine optimisation, etc.

Working Culture Working at Mansa Infotech can be most enthralling experience in one’s life! Young men and women come here as freshers, struggle to get well-equipped in their respective domains and grow to become successful IT-workers with the time.

As Rome was not built in a day, so at every software firm you have to work in steps in order to become an asset for your company” – It’s a fact wherever firm you service. 

What is the living of Employees @M.I.T?  First thing first, there is no such discrimination between a girl or boy here. They are all treated equally.

In general, Life of employees at web development firms is truly based on how they perceive the things around them, what they actually want from the @I.T firm, and so on. So, before blaming any firm for its work culture or whatsoever, it’s better to Know yourself: your strengths, your weaknesses. 

The web developers or consultants working with Mansa Infotech enjoys a greater deal of flexibility in working environment, which encourages creativity and skills development.

Why choose Mansa infotech over other options? Mansa infotech is the right place for growing enthusiasts who want to kickstart their career in the field of Software and web development. It provides lots of exposure in the application areas of Design, Development, SEO, Quality Assurance, and Business Marketing.

M.I.T provides an ample space to individuals to pursue their passions. In other words, here, individuals set their own targets and share them with their colleagues who are there to help.

So, Flexible timings, options to work from home for certain positions, no rigid work boundaries, Team work, Casual and co-curricular ventures” – all you will get at here!

Future Prospects @M.I.T Mansa Infotech has enhanced its web development journey in the areas of Gaming, Business marketing, etc and will continue to flourish with times to come. It has also made collaborations with top-notch software outsourcing companies in order to mark their presence in the part of Florida, New York, Salt lake, Australia and so on.

It is a proven destination for growing aspirants. People doesn’t grow with MIT, rather Mit grows with people, their efforts, and their dedication to work!

That’s all about the brief sneak peak of our mansa family. Hope you liked it! Share your views on the comment box below. See you again, cheerio:)


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