Learning Various Project Management Softwares

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Posted on 09/1/17 7:40 AM

A collection of programs, processes and information used to manage various phases of project.”

Project management softwares allows the Project Managers and users to control cost, manage budgeting, documentation and quality management.

Characterstic features

~ Project Planning

~ Team Collaboration

~ Project Billing & Budgeting

~ Time Tracking

~ Workflow Automation

And lot more…

Project Management Softwares – Getting started

Microsoft Project

A kind of management product developed and sold by Microsoft. It is a part of Microsoft office family and designed to assist project managers develop plan, assign resources, track project and manage budgets.


Originally made by Fog Creek Software around 2011, Trello is web-based project management application. It supports Android, Windows, iPhone platform. Trello lets you work in more collaborative ways, using trello’s boards, list and cards, you can organize your projects in more fun and flexible ways.


With Basecamp, you have central source of truth. It helps you organize your communication, clients and projects all under one roof. So, if things are organized, you’d know what to do, where everything stands and everyone will access to everything without searching around.


Developed by Atlassian, Jira is proprietary issue tracking product. It is mainly offered in three packages – JIRA software, JIRA core and Jira Service Desk. It is written using Java technology. So, Jira help you with all project management process of plan>> track>>release>>report.


A cloud based collaboration tool, Podio was founded in 2009 and acquired by Citrix in 2012. It helps in organising team communication, business process, data and content in management workspace.


A software as service application(Saas) used for collaboration and work management. With Smartsheet, you work better. What it provides? High value solutions, rich data integration, compliance and auditability.


A web based project management tool meant for single and multiple users. Freedcamp has all tools you need to be successful at one place. It gets everything done and thus, is centre of all things – task list, kanban board, Gantt chart, subtasks, etc.


All in one to do list and task manager. With Todoist, you can manage tasks projects anywhere and everywhere. Adding in, you can collaborate on shared tasks, proffers direction free design and here, you get more features and get more done.

And, their are other number of management softwares on the list – ProWorkflow, Easy Projects, Taiga, Redmine, Planner, GanttProject, Quip, Microsoft Planner, Primavera, OmniPlan, etcetera.

Wrap Up: I hope you have got quick idea of what ‘Project management softwares are’ and ‘how are they beneficial to us’. Hope you’ve liked my blog post. So, pen down your comments on same. I am eager to answer you!

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