JQuery – A ‘write less, do more’ Javascript library.

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Posted on 08/28/17 6:56 AM

Developed by John Resign in 2006, Jquery is a Javascript toolkit designed to simplify various tasks of documet traversing, animating, event handling and cross browser compatibilities.

It also accomplishes lots of complicated things from JS, such as DOM/HTML manipulation and AJAX calls.

In addition, Jquery has got plugins for almost any task out there.

Getting Started…

Before studying Jquery, you should have basic understanding of Html, Css and Javascript, respectively.

To get started with Jquery, you can:

~ Download jQuery library from jQuery.com.

~ Include jQuery from CDN

There are two versions of Jquery library:

~ Production version

~ Development version

The Jquery Syntax:

Jquery allows you to select Html elements and perform action on them. It can be depicted as – $(selector).action()

~ $ defines or access jquery

~ (selector) to query/find Html elements

~ Jquery action() to be performed on elements

For instance: $(this).hide() hides the current element.

Jquery – HowTos…

Jquery Effects:

Jquery provides simple interface for doing various kinds of amazing effects. So, here’s the list:

  • Show and hide elements – show(), hide()

  • Toggling the elements – toggle()

  • Fading elements – fadeIn(), fadeOut(), fadeToggle(), fadeTo()

  • Sliding elements – slideDown(), slideUp(), SlideToggle()

  • Animations – animate()

Jquery DOM Manipulations:

  • Get content – text(), html(), val()

  • Set content – text(), html(), val()

  • Add elements – append(), prepend()

  • Remove elements – remove(), empty()

Jquery Traversing:

It means ‘move through’. Jquery traversing helps us to find/select Html elements based on their relation to other elements.

Starting from the selection, move through the selection until you reach the desired element you are desiring.’

Methods – parent(), children(), siblings().

What Jquery can do for you…

Jquery is not a language, rather, it is well written javascript code. So, why jquery and how it can help you?

~ It increases productivity of developer.

~ It improves performance of application.

~ It developes most browser-compatible webpages.

~ It is fast and extensible.

~ It helps implement UI related critical functionality.

~ It provides simpler and cleaner code.

Wrapping Up

Jquery is easy enough, for if you have a good hang of Html, Css, Js. If you want to learn more on Jquery, follow this link: https://jquery.com/.

That’s it guys. See you with another blog post. 

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