An Introduction to Digital Marketing

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Posted on 09/1/17 7:34 AM

Nowadays, their is growing era of digital technologies and marketing the products through these technologies, mainly – internet, mobile phone and other media is becoming much popular.

So, ‘Advertising delivered through digital channels’ falls under the umbrella of digital marketing, respectively.

Digital marketing is also referred to as web marketing, internet marketing or online marketing. It encompasses many broad terms –

~ Banner advertising

~ Search engine optimization

~ Pay per click

~ Voice broadcast

~ Blogging

~ Wireless text messaging

~ Instant messaging

Digital marketing, thus, has very wide scope! But, It is not the following –

~ Any traditional form of marketing

~ Radio

~ Television

~ Billboard

So, Why Digital marketing is important?

Today, Digital media is all-pervasive, which means that people can access any kind of information any time and from any place. Their was time when your product or service consisted of only the things you wanted your customers to know.

With the rise of digital marketing, everything changed…People changed, their views changes and their preferences changed.

Digital marketing allows brands and businesses to receive positive/negative feedback from their customers through digital media such as blogs, websites, mobile apps, and so on.

Digital marketing – Various facets!


Seo is one of the most popular web marketing tool for getting traffic on search engines from free, organic or natural search results. For getting more in-depths, please check out my previous post on SEO:

| Social Media

It is an essential word-of-mouth marketing which connects people together and helps spread word about any business, brand, their products and services.

| Content

It is a kind of marketing approach which focusses on creation and distribution of relevant and useful content to entice and retain the audience. The content basically uses podcasts, blogs, videos, etc.

| Email

Email marketing helps to build customer loyalty in product or company. Like, for instance, when some company or business group sends commercial message in form of e-mail to people. It promotes business and makes customers stay connected with their vendors.

| Mobile

Simply, mobile marketing means marketing done with the mobile device. It provides customers time, location sensitive and personalized information.

| Pay per click

Commonly referred to as PPC, it is a popular internet marketing model wherein advertisers pay fee each time one of their ads is clicked. It is calculated as –

Pay per click = Advertising cost / Ads clicked

| Google Adwords

In this marketplace, you choose to promote your brand based on the keywords (a word or phrase which user searches for, who after that sees your ad). You can also consider adwords as an auction house where you set a budget and bid (it says how much you are willing to pay per one click).

| Google Analytics

This tool can essentially do so many things for if you have a blog or static website. Google Analytics can tell you – How many people visited your website? Where the visitors live? Which marketing tactic drives most traffic to your website? Which website pages are most popular? And so on…

And, there are many other – CRO, Web Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etcetera.

Wrapping Up

Digital marketing, thus, manages complex customer relationship accross various channels, ie, traditional and digital. It also initiates dynamic customer interaction. All in all, Digital marketing is gaining humungous popularity and will continue to gain in several coming years…

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