A Trip to the Hills

by Mansa HR

Posted on 05/29/19 7:28 AM

An escape into the wilderness, our Mansa family ventured to Tikkar Tal for the office trip. An astounding experience which gave a chance to everyone to explore their wild sides in the natural surrounding. The journey embarked at 9 am and took a much-needed stop which was for having food. As we all sat together sharing a meal we knew this was the best way to bond since the way to the heart is through food only.

Away from the city bustle, the place offered a pleasant view. As we reached the destination with our hearts filled with the enthusiasm we decided to begin with activities like playing cards, chess and cricket. For the cricket match, teams were divided and the game commenced. With each player putting in their tremendous effort and witty commentary by one of the comrades made this a fun-filled experience. After a little break to ease off our nomadic warriors we were ready to head further.

Next thing to do was climbing a hill with everyone helping each other, some falling some laughing was delightful to watch. As the sun was dawning on us we knew the trip was coming to an end and the last thing to do was boating. As we all boarded on boats, the view of the mountains with the sun bestowing its rays on us which was getting reflected by the water added a mellow vibe to the scene. It was truly a spellbound experience which left everyone with tons of memories to cherish forever.

Author-Anjeela Lawrance

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