Search Engine Optimization – A powerful web marketing tool!

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Posted on 08/28/17 7:03 AM

Ever wondered why some websites rank better than the other? Why users tend to visit links that are at top of the list? – Well, here we have got you covered with all such answers and necessary information about Search engine optimization.

SEO – What?

It is the process which aids search engines to find & rank your site higher than the million others. SEO enhances the visibility of website on natural search result pages(SERPs) through incorporation of following activities: crawling, indexing, processing, calculating relevancy and retrieving results.

Now, let’s study about two ways for SEO optimization –

On-page: It constitutes website elements such as Html code, images, text, good keyword selection, etc.

Off- page: It comprises of link building, link exchange, search engines, and so on.

Various tactics & techniques –

SEO can be classified into two broad categories, namely,

White Hat Seo

Black Hat Seo

The technique of White hat seo conforms to search engine’s guidelines and does not involve any deception. Also, it make sure that website is made for users and not just search engines.

Whereas Black hat or spamdexing attempts ranking improvement that is dissapproved by search engines. Other features include – metatag stuffing, keyword stuffing, page hijacking, etc.

SEO – Why?

It can help your business to grow and meet its objectives, for if, you have any website or a blog.

It improves usability and user experience of the web site.

It is good for social promotion of your website.

It is crucial for smooth running of your big websites.

And, it can always put you ahead of any competition.

So, SEO is must for every web property. It optimizes your website, helps search engines / searchers to understand it better and gives you higher ranking.

SEO – How?

SEO is crucial and truly beneficial marketing tool. So, when you are planning to use it on your website / blog, there is need to consider many things along the way.

Choosing a website domain name (what you want to sell and who will be your target audience).

Since, google gives too much importance to file names, so, think of what to put in your webpage and hence, give relevant file name to this page.

Don’t complicate up your website (Afterall, website design and layout matters a lot in search optimization).

Try optimizing the keywords on your webpage by taking into account – keyword frequency, keyword weight, keyword proximity, keyword prominence and keyword placement.

Optimizing the meta tags i.e. meta description tags and meta keyword tags.

Take care of optimizing title as well as anchor.

And, most important, ‘Content is king’. So, use unique and high quality content in your websites.

What further steps you can adhere? Verify your website to check whether it is compliant with Html/Xhtml, W3C. You can do the SEO by yourself (if you know about it) or you can hire an expert who can do all seo related work for you.

SEO – Summary!!!

Finally, we have reached the conclusion of our blog post. We have covered all basic concepts related to search engine optimization.

See you again with some another interesting ‘topic’. Cheerio.

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