Independence day celebration @M.I.T

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Posted on 08/14/17 1:17 PM

Freedom in minds, Faith in words, Pride in our souls…

Let’s salute the nation…

on this auspicious occasion. ”


At Mansa Infotech, we felt that ‘the feliticous day of Independence’ should be celebrated similar to other festivals.

For this, our management planned to celebrate ‘the I-day’ on 14th Afternoon instead of 15th as they wanted their employees to enjoy holiday on the latter date.

On this most awaited day, whole office was decorated with beautiful flowers and garlands, holy flags and other patriotic stuffs (quotes, printouts).

The occassion was accompained by get-together of all mansa members, right at 2.00 PM (and lasted for 1 hour).

Independence day is a great time to talk with your office collegues (and every other person) about struggle and sacrifices made by our great leaders to help us live the life of peace and prosperity.”

Our worthy H.R threw a small cultural event ‘Independence day – Face Painting’ (where you could even paint the hands) for making the day more memorable.

A Sneak Peak…

In this activity, 2 equal groups were made and within twenty minutes of as-decided time, each member of team had to paint every other member’s face or hands using the ‘Inpendence day’ theme. As the time passed, both groups were asked to gather around for result announcement. The winning team was chosen based on 2 aspects – how beautifully they described the notion of ‘I-Day’ & number of votings made to each group by the audience. Finally, winners were decided and proferred with appreciation in form of ‘Chocolate boxes and gift vouchers’. The losing team were made to dance or sing a patriotic song (as decided by winning team).

All team members participated with great enthusiasm and fervour. The event went off in the most ‘beautiful’ way.

It’s not over yet! The day was made complete with chanting of patriotic songs, national anthem and Jai hind.

Like every festive day, ‘I-Day’ was celebrated as the most memorable day for every member of mansa team. So, this was our way of showcasing our love and devotion for our leaders (who sacrificed themselves for us). What’s your way? Pen down your opinions on how much you liked my post and your way of ‘independence day’ celebration.

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