Fun­filled Celebrity Visit at “Mansa Infotech”

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Posted on 02/4/15 10:57 AM

At Mansa Infotech we live by the motto of “Fun along with work” and consistently focus on creating and enjoying a fun­filled work atmosphere by indulging in many team engagement programs.

One such event recently hosted by ‘Mansa Infotech’ comprised of a Surprise Visit by The Villain of Bollywood film Industry – Mr. Ranjeet Singh, the person who ruled as negative character in Hindi cinema since 1960 !!! (who can ever forget him donning many a vile characters in numerous Hindi blockbuster films, for instance­ ‘sharaabi’).

The entire Team at Mansa Infotech had an adrenaline rush and many of us were left awestruck to see the reel life Villain “Papa Ranjeet”(courtesy movie ­Housefull 2) in person. Although a fearsome villain in hindi films, Mr Ranjeet is a complete opposite in real­life. A very friendly nature and down­ to­ earth attitude marked his presence in the minds of our team. Throughout his time spent with Mansa Team, he was generous enough for one­ to­ one clicks and selfies requested by the members along with full participation in various fun­filled team activities.

We thank Mr. Ranjeet for visiting ‘Mansa Infotech’ and wish him more years of good luck and glory !

Yet another memory made bringing a whiff of freshness among the Team along with a new perspective on the fact that every entertainer is worthy of being equally loved and cherished by the audience because of the sheer talent and panache with which they invoke several emotions in them.

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